Understanding canine diabetes testing

Canine diabetes testingCanine diabetes testing can be a nightmare to most pet owners especially those who are not aware that the disease can be cured. Research has shown that with proper dog insulin injections and diabetic dog diet, your dog can survive the diabetes condition.

The greatest significance of taking your pet for canine diabetes testing at your local vet’s clinic is that the disease can be handled if detected during its early stages. Therefore if you notice any of the dog diabetes symptoms such as frequent vomiting, increased urination, loss of weight and appetite then you ought to contact a vet for the canine diabetes testing. The vet will basically conduct two types of tests so as to be absolutely sure that the dog has really developed diabetes. The results from the urine and blood should at least show the presence of diabetes in the canine’s bloodstream.

Dog diabetes can be largely blamed almost solely on the dry and otherwise unhealthy pet foods from the commercial pet food companies. Furthermore, a diabetic dog cannot survive the ailment if the carbohydrate rich diet is not changed even if it gets the right insulin injections twice a day. This is the more reason why most vets will advice that you give your dog a good diabetic dog food after injecting it with the dog insulin.

A larger percentage of the diabetic cats and dogs are similar to the type 2 diabetes. Once the signs and symptoms are diagnosed during the canine diabetes testing and a prompt valuable treatment put in place chances of survival are high for the type 2 diabetes. As a matter of fact if the testing is not done timely and the dog put into a healing program in time then it’ll augment the weakness of the dog’s legs, cause malnutrition, ketoacidosis and the eventual death of the canine. The healing comprises of insulin injections done twice a day alongside a good diabetic diet. Initially, the vet is supposed to check and recheck all the signs and symptoms in order to prepare the right treatment program suitable for your dog. The vet should choose the right dog insulin dosage for the dog because an overdose of insulin can actually cause the death of your lovely dog. Your pet vet should write a clear prescription for the precise insulin suitable for your diabetic dog and the number of syringes you needed in order to give him the insulin shots.

Canine diabetes testing how is itThe result of eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates the unsuitable nutrients in the foods creates glucose surplus and thus making the insulin levels to spike. The end result of such glucose level barbs in the dog’s body is an overstretched strain on the pancreas. The pancreas will eventually be exhausted and since it wasn’t intended to produce the amount of insulin needed to tackle such a high sugar diet leading to dog diabetes as a result.

Moreover some of the oral medications that some diabetic humans use don’t work in diabetic dogs. As a matter of fact, most pharmacies that carry numerous diverse types of insulin shots for diabetic humans can come in handy in helping you sort out your diabetic dog.

Contacting a vet for an advice on what to do and how the canine diabetes testing works in very vital every time you suspect that your dog in not feeling well. In fact, the earlier the diabetes diagnosis is done the better because then you can easily curb the disease from growing with ease than is usually the case once it has fully manifested itself in the canine.


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